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on: March 20, 2016, 05:20:32 PM 1 General / Show off your creations! / Re: Some new Meadowlander stuff :3
^-^ Thank you both! <3 (I feel like I should write something more elaborate than that but I'm not sure what else to say right now... ^^; )
on: March 12, 2016, 11:53:40 PM 2 General / Show off your creations! / Some new Meadowlander stuff :3
Just a re-visit and some concept art. Thought I'd share because why not. :P

First, who remembers Cantankerous? (And yeah he does look a bit different... his whole species has been redesigned a little) ^-^

Then we have some examples of what a Meadowlander's burrow is generally like inside... an entryway/foyer followed by a main living area:

So yeah... stuff! :3
on: March 12, 2016, 05:46:48 PM 3 General / General Discussion / Re: Good Old Blue-Boy
Thanks Annakova! ^-^ I'm so glad there are still people here who remember him. ;D
on: March 12, 2016, 05:43:00 PM 4 General / General Discussion / Re: Remembering + inactiveness
First of all, I appreciate all the kind things being said about me in this thread... to think I was ever 'idolized' is amazing to me. You people are fantastic, really. <3

Also it's so neat reading about the things that would not have happened to people without this site... it's amazing how things work out sometimes, isn't it? :)

Yes, I have fond memories of my own of this site, obviously, given how long I've been here. Meadowlander, of course, and also some of the people that I met here... Loreinbook, UnicornCrazy, and Harrierborn come to mind; they are still great friends to this day. And it was on this site that 'brainlinks' began to be discovered between us... that is, uncanny synergies between our creative minds, which saw us thinking of characters, story devices, and plot points which were SO SIMILAR but thought up totally independently! Also, I was quite active on this site when I really started to develop my character Mask Face's story... that in itself is a time period FULL of fond memories, including how I used the Makers to concept Masky's world and the people in it (like the Citizens ^-^ ).

I know I haven't been that active here for a long time. But I think it's just a hiatus, really. Lately I have used the Makers again for several new Meadowlander-based images (which have not been approved yet :P EDIT No they're approved now). I find myself wanting to redevelop that story and refine it, and seeiing as the Makers are so good for concept art and how Meadowlanders were BORN in the Makers, I couldn't NOT use them for that! :D

No matter how old I get I'm sure I will always love this site, and I don't think I'll ever totally abandon it. Go on hiatus, maybe, but at the very least I will check in now and then (and zap those NARSTY spambots whene'er they show their ugly cyberfaces, muhaha!! >:D FEAR THE MODSTICK )
on: March 02, 2016, 04:40:23 PM 5 General / General Discussion / Re: Good Old Blue-Boy
My my, Pandora! :D Breathe, my dear! I think there was only one English word in there. :P But I'm glad you're enthused anyway. ^-^ <3
on: March 01, 2016, 03:36:50 PM 6 General / General Discussion / Re: Good Old Blue-Boy
:D You guys are so sweet. <3
on: February 26, 2016, 03:04:32 PM 7 General / General Discussion / Good Old Blue-Boy
I know it's been so long, it might be that not all of you will know/remember him, but he was 'born' here and I don't think I could draw a portrait of him without putting it here. :'D (And here, for those who don't know/remember... it's still there :) :,3478.0.html

Dear Jaunty has grown quite a bit since we last saw him, sniffsobchoke... ;u;

on: October 13, 2015, 04:20:42 PM 8 General / General Discussion / Humorous Spam
Hello EAliens! Long time no talk. ^^; While I could go into endless expoundings as to why I've been so quiet, I figure I'll just get right to the point. :P

Since the plague of spambots on this site has repeatedly brought eye-rolling, lip-tightening, fist-clenching grief to us all, I figure we should all have a little laugh at spam's expense. Don't you? >:] I have here collected a series of ridiculous sentences and passages quoted from various spambots I've encountered (from EA or otherwise), trying to sound like coherent humans and failing miserably. xD The results, in my opinion, are quite giggleworthy. Shall we?

-"Why does the support sort the funny position?"

-"The juicy man represents the sense."

-"How does the screeching ornament symbolize the body?"

-"Never cackle till your egg is laid..."

-"If you have children, Water is just pouring into the street!"

-"Kane is submiting his marshal’s logo to help you get married to his girlfriend."

-"A heaviest manpower nicknames a springing professor. How will the cheer shoot the water? Any ghost ices a lower blackboard. The prisoner bicycles behind a passage! How can an impractical bookstore reveal the baby concern? My address forms the ratio."

-" straighteners had immigrated from Europe centuries ago."

-"...the French don't seem to kiss American a(politically)."

-"...exceptional’s largest site yield to selling buttons, has been gospel a  pleasingly portion of publicity and lettuce..."

-"It uses sexually transmitted networks, including Chirp, Facebook and Pinterest."

All quotes by spambots.
on: September 04, 2015, 05:15:04 PM 9 General / General Discussion / Re: ????? art theft ?????
Hey all, just saw this.  I don't know how someone is sending those images through as their own but I'll keep a tighter look out. With as many users as there are are even signatures, I cannot memorize each and every one.


Raev, if you see a little grinning planet logo like the one in the middle of this picture:

I made it. :P (Though my older pictures don't have it on them, so that would be harder to tell. ^^; ) Still, I figured that might help slightly...?
on: August 31, 2015, 08:28:40 PM 10 General / General Discussion / Re: ????? art theft ?????
One of those is mine, another belongs to Inny/Harrierborn. :P I don't think I could do anything about it, though... I think only Emerald and Boo have that power here.
on: April 07, 2015, 04:34:13 PM 11 General / General Discussion / Re: Does anyone here remember...
@Eve: Pretty sure that was intentional phonetic spelling.  ;)

Yeah, that was intentional. :D Errythaaaaang! xD Totally how you spell everything. :P But thanks for getting my back with typos anyway. ^-^
on: April 07, 2015, 02:56:51 PM 12 General / General Discussion / Does anyone here remember...
...That website of mine from ages ago? :P I know pretty much everyone who signed up there came from Emerald Activities, but I'm not sure if most of those people are still active here or not. ^^;

ANYway! I made my website look all new and spiffy, changing the theme and updating many of the images. I'd love for it to be active again; the only activity I've gotten there in at least a year has been spambots. o_o It is missing the warmth of living humans. :P

Have a look if you fancy it:

I'm probably going to start putting art there on a continual basis just like I do with deviantArt, and if I can figure out a good way to put up short stories there, I'll do that too. :P I'm trying to make it more interesting than just a thing that is simply THERE. xD

Thanks to anyone who joins/re-joins me there. I tire of spambots. Warm and alive humans are most welcome. ^-^
on: March 28, 2015, 10:24:38 AM 13 General / General Discussion / Re: The Pantorians is FINALLY done! :D
CreateSpace is free to use, but you have to share your book royalties with them. :P And if you're having trouble using it you can always send questions to the 'Help' people (they're really good about answering questions), and there's a whole forum of people to interact with, many of whom have been using CreateSpace for a while. I'm sure they could help you. :)
on: March 27, 2015, 05:13:38 PM 14 General / General Discussion / Re: The Pantorians is FINALLY done! :D
Thats awesome news!! You must feel great having your work out there in the world, I hope to one day feel as great as you must do now, as someday soon I am determined to get my own work out there though I doubt it'll be anywhere as good as yours.

I'm actually not feeling as awesome as you think, because I absolutely FAIL at promoting my work, so it has almost no audience, and certainly not enough audience to enable me to actually make a living off my writing. xD So yes, the publication is a big step forward, but the promotion is a much bigger beast, with much bigger fangs. :P

And don't say that, I'm sure your work will be excellent. :D If you're talking about publishing your own books, I can direct you to CreateSpace... it's the thing I used to publish mine, and it's pretty simple to use. However, it does not tackle your marketing for you. Beware the beast. xD
on: March 23, 2015, 07:18:33 PM 15 General / General Discussion / Re: What?!! HI!!
Yes, I remember you! It HAS been a while since I saw you here! :D (I haven't been terribly active here myself lately, but I can still tell that much. xD) It's good to see you again. ^-^
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