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Author Topic: Role Play Character Contest (Winners Announced!)  (Read 283242 times)

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@Anachronist: your own entries will never show up while you're voting. That is so you can't vote for your own entries :)
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Don't worry, someone else will vote for them!
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Voting was close and had some ties so congrats to: Rosemarry, horselover99, Oreloki, Burgundy Griffin, thata, Olive the Dragon, horse-lover, PandoraTheDragon, and bluegreen!
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hey i don't go on here that much anymore
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Pan, you deserved that! As for you Olive, haven't spotted it on the homepage yet.  :P

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when is there going to be another contest? (im just wondering)

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You are so good at this! Beautiful job! I can only use menu chat.

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