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Author Topic: Colouring Book Add-ons  (Read 817 times)


It's very difficult to do fine detail work in the colouring books. Would it be possible to add a magnifying glass tool so you could zoom in and out of areas in the colouring books? It would make the very fine brushes easier to use for detail work, and it would make other tools more versatile since there wouldn't be as much 'pixel-hunting.'

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We actually tried to add a "full screen" mode so that people could look at their images closer, unfortunately it doesn't work with the way the code is on the game right now. It is something we plan to keep in mind next time we overhaul it though ;)
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@Dragon1416: the way I zoom in and out of the pic's I draw is using the right click and press the zoom in. don't zoom in too much tho. or it will mess up the pic. You can also use this on the makers. If you want to move to a differ. spot tho. you will have to zoom back out and zoom into the other spot you want to draw on. I hope this helps in future pic's.

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If I right-click and zoom in just once everything goes completely wrong as it will not zoom all the way back out, so I REALLY would not recommend doing that. (although I've only done that on the makers.)

What I do instead is ctrl+scroll wheel to zoom the whole page. Things go skew-whiff if you zoom in too far, but as soon as you zoom out a bit again it all works fine. :) It's what I use for really small pieces on the makers that I need to place on a particular set of pixels and no other. xD
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