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Okay so in a role play Im in I have to go to page to of the board to get to it, which gave me an idea. It would be cool if there was a thing under Your username emeralds, forum, and market, that said notified topics or bookmarked topics.  But before that you would need something where you could hit bookmark on whatever topic, kind of like notify but... Okay so You could click  notified topics or bookmarked topics and then there would be a list of those topics and then you could click the one you wanted to go to.  ;D ;D ;D So is it possible?

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That would be sweet, I have actually wanted something similar for a while.

I will put it in the list of things for Boo to look into, though I don't think it will happen soon because it is actually really really hard to change/update the forum itself. We will see what we can do though ;)
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