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Author Topic: I got this idea  (Read 1110 times)

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I hope I posted this in the right section, if not, then feel free to move it.

This idea is about rating pictures. Currently, there's a 3 star rating, and I think it's not the best idea to vote other users' pictures. Maybe there should be an "Add to favourites" button, and the picture with the most favs will be on the top rated list. What I mean, is when you choose "Rating from highest to lowest", then the picture with the most likes/favs will be on the top.
And you'll be able to see all the pictures you liked on your "Favourites" list. If you don't like it anymore, you can choose "Remove from fan list" and you will no longer see it on your fav list.

I think this is a much better idea for rating pictures :D
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I did consider that, and we still might change it. The problem with "likes" is that they tend to be a popularity contest. So someone who is well known will have a lot more on their image. An image that has been 3 starred 10 times (by a new user) can be listed up with one that has been 3 starred 100 times (by a long time user). They are both equally liked and should both get a chance to be seen.

I am always uncomfy "rating" other people's art, so I base it on some things that have worked for me.

1) Roughly how old was the artist? You can normally kind of guess by the image and what they write. A really good image by a 4 year old is going to be different than a really good image by a 40 year old.

2) Is the image a big step forward or very creative for that artist? If you know what that person normally does, that helps with this one :)

3) Is the image very carefully done or did it take a really long time?

4) Is the image super original?

When I rate, I am not saying that that image is better than the images of other people. I am saying that I think the person tried really hard or has accomplished something with the picture. I only give low star ratings to stuff that is just thrown together in a minute or two with no thought ;)
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I've sometimes been searching the whole main gallery to find some cool pictures by other people to show my cousin, but it's useless, there are over 100 000 pictures. That's why I thought adding to favs list would be great idea. By getting more likes, you'll get more popular.

How are the images sorted in main gallery if you choose the highest rated pictures? The ones with 3 or less start or the ones rated the most? I've been wondering this for a really long now x3
The chance of getting a male dragon on Dragon Cave is 85%. I am lacking female dragons there...