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Author Topic: Consider these.  (Read 863 times)

Offline Annakova

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First of all: expressions. It would be nice if you could make expressions for humans, foxes, wolves, and any other animals out there. It would make things so much easier.

Also, I'd like you to consider a "Letter Pack". It would be so easy to make words. In the Letter Pack, there could be different fonts, and that would be so cool.

Also I'd really love more cats. ^~^ I'm a big fan of cats, and in my opinion, there's not enough cat parts in the makers. :P
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Offline Ro

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I agree with all of that!   ;D

Offline BrownieKat

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I support these ideas ;)

I usually use stencils to make expressions, but it would be much easier to use additional parts from the hops ^-^
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