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Author Topic: Dragon wings tutorial  (Read 1258 times)

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Omg my firssst tutorialll i fell sooo woooo

Ehm... where was i? Oh right

I was asked, on my "My Creations" thread, how i make those large wings, so here we go with the tutorial  :D

Hope everything is clear and simple to understand :)

1. Pick the very first wing in the "menu" and color it, then make an asset like this: (Is important to choose now the colour because you know assets can't change it)

2. Pose your wing. You'll have to choose how many fingers the wing will have: pick all the previously made asset you need and scale, rotate and pose them until you get more or less this result:

3. Now you have to take an asset of the asset, like this:

4. Take the number of "asset of the asset" you need and again scale, rotate and fix them so they fit the wing finger:
(i know this phase is a bit unclear, just watch the image :')

5. Go wild with stencillssss! Use them to fix little imperfections and to attack the wing membrane to the dragon/creature body.

And is finished! Obviously you can use the stencils to make wing's markings too, but i'm too lazy to do it.   ;D

new people have died lol

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That is awesome! Just what I need!!

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Very good! I LOVE zour tutorial. ::) Go ,Go, Go, Hely!