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Author Topic: Different Bodies  (Read 1066 times)

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Does anyone have a good way to create children and less-muscular men on the Fashion Makers? (The latter does take precedence, since I'm currently trying to create a character of mine who is FTM and am completely out of ideas of how to make a young, slightly girly male)
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aaa idk
i'm thinking that maybe you could asset together male and female doll maker parts into a something but then it'd be hard to dress up :<
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It would be very difficult and time consuming but you could make a person out of stencils
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Take assets of head, feet, hands, and basically any bit that will not be covered by clothes. Then carefully use the clothes to create the body shape you need. Sleeves can be used for trouser legs, especially if you asset apart the upper and lower arms.

This is how I make side profile pictures at least. It should work for varying body shapes too! It helps if you can see how a piece might work as something else though. Think of an image you want to do and then, with that in mind, look for pieces that would make up said image. :)
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Unicorn Crazy: Thanks for the idea. Goes to show how little my brain works when I'm tired & stressed. Time to clear out my assets (easier said than done, sadly ^^;) and hunt through the various makers for parts. I'll try to make a rough tutorial of what I figure out.