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Author Topic: Child friendly online games  (Read 1949 times)

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Maybe a dragon simulator with online interactivity (doesnt have to have chat) where you can go on adventures.   :D
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i hope you'll see this... i just posted there because... no matter, i wanted to ask from you to make a trapezoid-able forming in the makers... you know, not just a parallelogramic one. if there aren't enough space for it (to move the mouse where), may you can make an other icon for this in the corner of the mark or the bottom of the page? (sry if my english is not the best...)
once again, i hope you'll see this and answer to me :DD
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@pixel  I believe that would be very hard to make, I have very little experience in programming and such but a game like that would require java and flash and other programs like that, I guess.
And they would be heavy for the website and hard to make.
Btw i think that if you look for it surely there'll be some game like the one you described.

@Azomix i honestly don't know what you're talking about but eh, i'm no programmer :')

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