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Author Topic: Making Megasized Structures  (Read 1082 times)

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Because you want to make them  ;)
1. If it's from a game, what's it based off?
My first megasized structure was Omega Flowey from Undertale (I hope you know that game)
2. Design
If it's based off a game, obviously you're going to need to change the design. If it's like basic, then vary the design.
3. Making it
Assets will make it easier, so use assets when you need to! Otherwise you're gonna fail.
4. Done!
It's been many years.

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Well ... I do not really understand .. This tutorial does not just describe something to try .. :( sorry

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If I understand correctly DC is suggesting we make large creations e.g. cities and share them here with a description. If I have understood correctly this thread should have been in 'show off your creations'.
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