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Author Topic: Not sure if this is inappropriate  (Read 933 times)

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I was wondering, I saw this one user who seemed to be making images about vore... they commonly make animals eating things, now that's okay, but sometimes they'll make thought-like bubbles showing what's inside the character's stomach, sometimes random alive creatures or even friends and family. Is that considered inappropriate?
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I didn't mod those, so I am not sure....

Although we do allow some level of violent content, I try to keep it Disney level.

I honestly didn't even know vore was a thing (I just looked up the definition), but there are some legitimate uses of being "eaten" or alive in a stomach in many classic myths and stories, like the characters being eaten by the whale in Pinocchio for example, so I will not put an outright ban on it. But if you see an image that you feel is crossing a line, please e-mail me so I can take a look :)
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