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Author Topic: Leg Positioning for Human Characters  (Read 711 times)

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Hi, not sure if I ask the question here or in another topic, but I will try here first: how does one position the legs of a human character? I have seen this done in a few galleries and would love to do it myself. Thank you!
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This is an old post, so my reply is way too late but I will answer in case anyone else comes looking for the same thing. When people want to reposition a leg, they make an "assets" out of the different parts of the body so they can cut them apart and move them as needed.

Making an asset is sort of like taking a picture of a small area of the image. Once you have that picture, it can't be coloured anymore, but you can rotate it and such.

the other option is to just use other shapes from different makers to build the parts you need :)
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