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Author Topic: emerald activities discord server  (Read 2015 times)

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hey my dudes
it's olive here and i'm back to share that i've made an ea-flavoured discord server for anyone who wants to join!!

since i only made it yesterday there still might be some things subject to change, but i think so far it's pretty good
let me know if you join and you notice any wonkiness with the bots or something
disclaimer: this isnt an official server in any sense so i guess if em ever comes back from the dead and says this server isnt allowed then uh. Oof.png

hey i don't go on here that much anymore
ea discord:

Offline PandoraTheDragon

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u better JOIN IT WHILE U CAN! wahoo
(its a cool server tho! im there so clearly that means it's the best server, ever)
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