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Author Topic: does anyone here remember me?  (Read 4360 times)

Offline Dragonlord Daegen

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hello,its been quite sometime i thought id cirously pop in and see if anyone i am acquainted with still frequents this site.

Offline PandoraTheDragon

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hi daegen!! haven't seen you here in a while :0
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Offline zodiac-tiger

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I think all us oldies pop in here from time to time. Lots of good memories. I just started college two weeks ago, but it feels like yesterday I made questionable OCs and embarassing RPs, haha <3
I was really active one this site a couple of years ago. Some of you may remember me (don't be afraid to hmu on tumblr or Discord @hostilepopcorn/HostilePopcorn#7323)

Offline UnicornCrazy

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Hi Daegen! Good to see you around, I'm glad to see that you're alright ^_^
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Offline Dream

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hi! i still remember you!
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