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Author Topic: Contest Requests  (Read 41439 times)

Offline Olive the Dragon

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Maybe something with robot animals? Or just regular robots, or perhaps space dragons.

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What about a half-human contest? A contest specifically for humanoids or fantastic critters with human parts- i.e., harpies, centaurs, fauns. It's a challenge to do and still have it look decent, and if you're successful, it can look really, really awesome!

Also, since I love scribes, a Fantasy Scribe contest, or something of the like.
And because birds are awesome, perhaps a contest to do with birds?
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All awesome ideas, I need to merge the contest requests on here and the ones I have on my computer. Sooo many things do do, like say change the current long running contest :p

And yes Pandora, we can probably do a rainbow theme or something similar again some time. The images for that one were really great :)
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