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Author Topic: How would you describe this site?  (Read 162623 times)

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If you were to tell a friend about this site, what would you say to convince them to give it a shot?

I need to write some new blurbs/ads for Emerald Activities, but I have no clue what to say ;)
"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." -Jules de Gaultier

Offline Sekoiya

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MY FAVORITE WEBSITE IN THE WHOLE WIDE GREAT BIG WORLD. I dunno how effective that is, but there you go for starters... I might come back later. :D

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I would tell them It's VERY original. I've never ever seen a site like this. I would also say that it allows your creativity to flow, and that when your bored that problem is easily fixed here. I love EA <3

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I would say exactly this to any of my friends:

"Hey,want to go on this realy super duper epic site,its free,and EPIC :D Trust me youll love it,and the admin is nice there to,her name is Emerald,but I call her Em ^^ SO does every one else."
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"It's a really great website to show your creativity in many ways. And it's really fun and quite addictive. And it's epic."
That's what I say. X)
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Well if your looking for something different.

" Are you tired of all those old preset dress ups? Well Do We have a site for YOU! With Emerald activities Drag and Drop You can Design anything from a rocket ship to a horse."

:3 I Love this site so much, that every-time i think I'm gonna quit i cant. :) Its intriguing and fantastic. I Think that EVERYONE should at least check it out.

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Magic makers: Building blocks for the creative artist.

User friendly!
Infinite things to do!

You can make anything!
Rainbow Stegosaurus? Sure, make that!
How about a robotic wolf? Completely possible?
A faerie riding a sea dragon into battle? Oh yeah!

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I don't want to tell ANYONE,Lol,It's mine! XD

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lol, some of those are pretty good... Maybe I should just have you guys make us ads in the Magic Makers :P

(Of course, it might be easier if I actually gave you some letters to write with :P)
"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." -Jules de Gaultier

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I'll make one right now!

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may i make one too?'l be a fun way to use all my hoard peices.

when i think of EA the first two words that come to mind are "creative"....and "very diverce" (ok,so three words).
....................................... ..

box of pencils?- $2.00...

pad of sketch paper?- $7.00...

Canvas and easel?- $25.00..

online website with a friendly comunity,artistic games and creative tools- Priceless..

there are some things money can't buy,for that..theres emerald

(lol sorry i know that method is already taken,but i just couldent help myself)

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Emeraldactivities: Let your creativity go wild!
I suddenly realised that I use flowers alot, and actually called it my signature. So TADAA:

With lots of thanks to Dragonlord Daegen for making my beautiful signature!

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If you love drawing, then you love art.
If you love art, then you love concept.
If you love concept, then you love makers.
If you love makers, then you love Emerald Activities.
"To me, the most important things in life are art, love - of all kinds, and nature." - Alison Sudol, A Fine Frenzy

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One word: A W E S O M E  8)

Me: "you should join EA"
Friend: "What's EA?"
Me: It's a site where you can "make" images, you use drag and drop tools and you can flip them, colour them and if you are a member you can buy extra peices with "cyber" emeralds. You ern them just by being on the site, playing with the makers, playing the games and so on..."
Friend: "sounds cool. do you have to pay anything??"
Me: "Nope, it's free as long as you don't buy these emeralds to get then faster"
Friend: "Do I have to buy them??"
Me: *shows how it works*
Friend: "Woohaaa! I'll join it right away cuz' it's A W E S O M E!!!!"

I love this site, it's a woderful idea and I love everything with it! ;D
Emeraldactivities.. How could you make up such a cool name??
Em, you're just such an A W E S O M E person ^^ With such an A W E S O M E site ;D and just an awesome everything!! ;D