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Title: OOPS... HELP! I screwed up bad...
Post by: BrownieKat on March 04, 2014, 09:30:51 AM
This was an accident ;-;

I remember how I had 114 emeralds. I even mentioned that when I was posting in Harrier's contest. I went to market and bought a piece that costs 10 emeralds. Buying always takes so much time and I was distracted, so I forgot it was still loading and clicked makers page. Then I remembered that I still didn't buy it and clicked the "Back" arrow to go back to the market. I checked the emeralds - all 114 were there. So I bought the piece and looked at the emeralds - it was only 94 left. How's it possible? Did I buy it twice? If possible, please return me those 10 emeralds I lost :(

EDIT: I posted it in bugs section because I think it's a glitch. Because when I went back on the page, the piece I wanted to buy was already checked. I clicked "buy" and started waiting. And it took my 20 emeralds away instead of 10.