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Use our Magic Makers to drag and drop 1000's of pieces to create anything you can imagine! There are 18 different themed makers in all. If you're a member you can even earn emeralds by playing and saving your images to the gallery!

Our colouring books let you choose a picture and colour it in. You can also use stamps to spruce up your creations! Save your pictures to the gallery so everybody can see them!

Contest Winner

Olive the Dragon's 3rd Place Role Play Character entry!

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Site News - Sept. 23rd, 2013

Happy Fall!

We now have the ability to put up links that can give everyone who clicks them a piece or emeralds. Look for the links on Deviant Art, Facebook, and in Newsletters from us.

Contest (Fall Season Contest):

Create a Fall scene! Use any Magic Maker and add "Fall Season Challenge Entry" to the description. You can be as creative and imaginative as you would like. You can also support your favorite Role Play Character images, by voting for the participants in the previous contest. You earn emeralds for time spent voting, they will be awarded in your daily activity emeralds. Just pick your favorite out of each set of 3. When you vote, you will be shown 3 more random images. You can vote for as long or short a time as you would like.

Challenge (Costume Design Challenge):

Create your favourite Halloween costume idea! You may use any Magic Maker, don't forget to add add "Costume Design Challenge Entry" to your description. Challenges are meant to give you inspiration and new ideas, so go crazy and see what you can come up with!

Challenge and Contest Prizes:

In a contest 1st wins 300 emeralds, 2nd wins 150 emerald, 3rd wins 50 emeralds, and all participants recieve 10 emeralds at the end of the contest. Challenges a smaller and are judged rather than voted on. The winner of a challenge recieves 50 emeralds, the first runner up recieves 25 emeralds, the second runner up recieves 10 emeralds, and all participants recieve 5 emeralds at the end of the challenge. Participants also earn ribbons that are shown in the gallery, and each entry goes towards unlocking the contest and challenge trophies.

Newest Activity:

Our newest activity is the Mutato Maker! Create crazy little creatures with all sorts of fun animal inspired pieces!

Newest Market Items:

The newest addition to the market is the Fresh Food Pack. Create meals, food markets, food fights, and so on :)

Other News:

I am getting close to releasing the Holiday doll, and don't forget about the new pieces and overhaul to the Dragon Maker II!

General Information

What is Emerald Activities:

Emerald Activities is a family friendly site with a focus on creativity. Members and visitors make and share images in our online Colouring Books and Magic Makers.

The colouring books allows you to fill, stamp, and paint images. The Magic Makers are a drag and drop activity (like dress up games) but you can rotate pieces, colour them, scale them up and down, or layer them. Members (membership is free) can also fill them with patterns and move creations from one Magic Maker to another.

Members also get a gallery for their own work, and by participating in various activities they earn treasures (extra pieces) and emeralds that can be used to purchase new pieces in the market. We also have a forum where users can share their creations and get to know one another. (Members under the age of 13 need permission from their parents to be able to fully participate in the forum.)

Emerald Activites on Other Sites:

Emerald Activities now also has a Facebook Page, a Deviant Art Group, a Youtube Channel, and a Twitter Page. We will occasionally host special contest, events, and challenges on those sites, so don't be shy about checking those out and sharing them with your friends.

If you are looking for other sites to visit, you may also want to visit my blog Chimeric Games. I review creative games (like drag and drop doll builders).