Our Friends

These are some of our favorite sites online, you should definitely stop by and visit their various games and activities. If you would like a few more dressup or dollmaker type games to explore, take a look at my Chimeric Games blog. I basically play and review creative type games.

Fantasy Dress Up Games Doll Divine has some of the most beautiful makers I have every had the pleasure of using. Make everything from pirates, fairies, and rock stars to adorable little kittens. Each game is unique and carefully put together. They are also easy to get to, there are nice big links to the various on the front page.

Azalea\'s Dress up DollsAnother lovely page of dress ups is Azalea's Dolls. I think my favorite one might be Brigitte Bardot, she is absolutely lovely.

Dress up gamesI love Dressup Games. I am slightly biased, as it does list my site but it really is a good directory. The sites are well categorized, and dead links are removed. It has its own rating system, and lists a short description of each site. I have found many of my favorite doll makers through this site, and if you are browsing for something new I highly recommend it.

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