Emerald Games

Have you tried our newest maker yet? You can mix and match animal pieces to make your own crazy creature!

Patchword is our newest game. Make a quilt out of words. Just combine picture, syllable and letter patches and sew them in!

Try your luck at our dinosaur hangman game. We have it randomly choosing from over 650 dinosaur names! If you are logged in it will even track your win/loss record.

Play Tic Tac Toe against a computer opponent. At the moment you can choose from a basic or a spooky halloween theme. Log in to have it track your win/loss/draw record.

Games on Whirled.com

Notice to parents: We designed the games in this section for competitions on Whirled.com. Whirled is a completely serparate website with its own Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Whirled is also for users over the age of 13, and as such has real time chat without real time moderation. Check out their Guide for Whirled Parents

Create & Rate is a sort of multiplayer magic maker. Each round, you are given a theme and some starting pieces. Build your creature or dress your doll before the time runs out. Then you, and the players you are competing with, vote on your favorite images. Whirled "coins" are awarded based on the number of players participating, with extra going to players who got first, second, or third.

Gingerbread Land is a set of intereactive "rooms". Walk around, drag the candy around to decorate, help the gingerbread people with their various tasks, make Christmas cards, and find hidden recipies and such.

The Emerald and Shipwreck Reef is another set of intereactive "rooms". Explore the ship, spin the wheel, and fire the cannon. Then walk the plank to explore the reef below.