Bedroom Banner

If you don't have any felt, you can still make a banner from construction paper or even paint one right onto fabric!


The first thing you'll need to do is decide which banner pattern (at bottom of page) you'd like to use. Then you'll have to pick out colors and sizes of felt appropriate to your choice.


  1. Felt in desired colors
  2. Needle and Thread
  3. Stick, Straw, or something similar
  4. White Glue
  5. Fabric Paint


Take a piece of felt at least 7 inches wide and 11.5 inches long (it looks neat to have them longer) that you'd like to use as a background. Fold the top over the stick and sew along the dotted line. The bottom can be left as it is or you can cut it into a point or any shape you'd like.

Trace and cut out the various pieces of your felt creature then glue them on in the order I have numbered on the pieces.

If you want the fringe the same color as the banner just cut slits about an inch high every quarter inch or so. If you would like the fringe to be a different color you will need to cut a piece of felt to fit the bottom edge of the banner about 1.5 inches high. Slit it in the same way.

Now using fabric paints write the name you'd like on the top and do any detailing or outlining you'd like to have on your banner. Thats all there is to it. If you want something more temporary, you can use the same patterns but make your banner from paper and felt pens.

I have made three patterns, just click on the one you'd like to see: a dragon, a unicorn, or a rose and sword.