Folded Paper Thingy

Want to make your project a little sturdier? 100 lb cardstock is excellent for cards and masks.

What is a folded paper thingy you ask? Well its a sort of little paper spring. I have no idea what the actual name for these is, but they are extremely useful. Tiny short ones can be glued behind cut out shapes inside cards, then when the card is opened the shape will spring forward. They also make very good arms and legs for things. I used to make nutcracker ornaments out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper, and I always used these handy little springs as limbs.

As far as parties and decorations go, you could make big ones and put them end to end to build a garland. You could also make a bunch, squash them down and stuff a container with them and confetti. When its opened they will pop up and get paper everywhere. I'm sure there are a hundred other uses for these little paper goodies.


  1. Construction Paper
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors


Example One

1. You will need two strips of construction paper the same width, but preferably different colors. The first step is to glue them together as shown.

Step by Step

2. Next, take piece "A" and fold it over piece "B", now take piece "B" and fold it over "A". Continue in this manner until you run out of paper. A, B, A, B, etc.......


3. With the last piece you fold over, put a bit of glue under it to hold it down.


4. Now stretch it out. It should look something like this.

**Looking for a way to use your new foldy thing? Why don't you make a Springy Bear Card?**