Lantern Ornament

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Finished Lanterns

We placed small LED lights inside of our lanterns to light them up. If you wish to hang yours from a tree, hot glue a wire handle to the top. Once you have mastered the little cube, don\'t be shy to try something new. We have used the same techinique to make lanterns that look like a flower, a rubiks cube, a vase, and even a tree topper star. Have fun!


  1. Wooden Skewers
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Wire
  4. White Glue
  5. Tissue Paper
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Wire Cutters (or heavy duty scissors)
  8. Clean Paper and Scrap Cardboard


1. Use the wire cutters to snip the skewer into the following sizes:

  • Five each 4" (10cm) section
  • Twelve each 3" (8cm) sections

2. Take four of the 3" pieces and hot glue them into a square, run one of the 4" pieces from corner to corner. Repeat this step with another set of pieces.

3. Now use the last four 3" pieces to connect your first two squres into a cube as shown below. Use the last of the 4" sections to strengthen the new faces of your cube.

Lantern Frame

3. It is now time to "skin" your lantern. Dip your brush in white glue and paint one of the cube faces. Lay a peice of white tissue over the frame and gently press the paper down. Trim off any excess and glue the little edges over as shown.

4. Reapeat the above step until all of the sides except for the top are covered. Be as quick as you can while still being gentle. The paper is delicate and once it becomes damp it tears very easily. If you do make a small tear, glue another tiny piece of paper on top. If the rip is large, you may want to completely replace the piece of paper. Allow your lantern to dry.

lantern_03 (10K) lantern_04 (9K) lantern_05 (10K)

5. If you plan to decorate your lantern with coloured tissue, you need to get it ready now. In the example below I folded up a tiny piece of blue tissue and made a very small paper snowflake. You could cut out any design you fancy.

6. Completely cover the lantern in glue and genlty press your decorations onto the sides. Allow to dry. Cover the inside of the lantern in glue as well, to help strengthen it. Allow to dry again.

lantern_06 (8K) lantern_07 (8K) lantern_08 (12K)

You are finished!