Halloween Necklaces

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These patterns can be used several different ways:

1.The simplest way to use them is to print and colour each shape, and then glue them to a nice thick cardboard. Cut them out and punch a hole near the top of each one. Now thread your creations onto wool or string to make necklaces. More detailed instructions on this method can be found on the ornament page.

2. To make them just a bit sturdier (maybe to hang in doorways as decoration), you could try using the paper mache instructions.

3. Another idea would be to trace each one onto plywood and have an adult cut them out. Once they are cut out (and any slivers have been sanded off) use acrylic paints to color them, and finish them off with a gloss sealer. The finished products could then be used as decorations or even Halloween costume awards. (You may need to smooth out the shapes a bit, we did this one year and they were very popular little prizes.)

4. The patterns can also be enlarged on a photocopier (or computer) and colored for fun window decorations. I'm sure there are many other things they could be made into, use your imagination. If you have an idea you would like to share, just let me know and I'll put it up for everybody to enjoy.

Pumpkin Black Cat Spiderweb
Ghost Tombstone Witch
Coffin Bat