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Author Topic: Animal parts pack?  (Read 612 times)


I think it'd be pretty fun and useful if there were a pack in the market that contained things like antlers, extra tails for foxes, cat ears, eyes from snakes, fins from sharks, combs from roosters, and other various random animal or animal-related pieces. :)

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I have thought about that, and I might do a sort of "cartoony" or costume like version of some of those... but I am going to save the more realistic versions for the next few animal magic makers. Mostly because I don't want to draw the same things over and over, or make people pay emeralds for stuff they can use for free.

We hope that in one of the next versions of the magic maker, you will be able to jump from one maker to another. That way it would be easier to use the parts you want from multiple makers :)

I will add it to the list though, maybe there will be some way I can work a few into an upcoming pack ;)
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