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Author Topic: Beeps!  (Read 1367 times)

Offline CelticSwordswoman

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Er, hi.
I'm just wondering, why certain buttons in the makers (Delete piece, duplicate piece, ETC) need to beep when you click on them? Is there a reason, or may I suggest an option button to turn it on and off?
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Offline Ro

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I agree, I mean, they are cool, but it would be nice if we could turn them off and on when we like.

Offline UnicornCrazy

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I'd definitely like a way to mute it. It's distracting when I'm trying to listen to music and fiddling with separate sound settings for different programs the entire time is a royal pain. X.x
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Offline EveOfTheTardis

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Hmm, yes it would be good to be able to mute the beeping. In some browsers there may be a way to mute the internet separately from the rest of your pc but it would be a lot of work to keep doing that just for when on this site.
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