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Author Topic: Zoom in option?  (Read 781 times)

Offline Moth

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Title says it. It's either that I still haven't found this option, (WHAT?!) Or that there really isn't one.
A zoom in and out option would be very handy when adding small details to your creation, or stencil art. I have tried ctrl zoom before, but it never helps. You just get this:

Sorry if this was already suggested, I couldn't really find the topic.

Offline BrownieKat

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I usually try full screen, but it's not enough when I'm making small details, but the most annoying thing is that white dot, I don't need it. I take a small dot to make eyes, for example, and then I need to take that white dot away, and it makes steering really hard.. FGFUIBPUIEDGF so annoying.
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