Author Topic: Want to Adopt a Gryphinte?  (Read 3395 times)

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Jealous of your backgrounds, Kat!!

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thank you sorry for not getting to it sooner to know why check out Im back!
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Ooh, they sound great! Can I adopt one??? ;D

Name: D'Or
Main Colour: Gold
(Optional) Secondary Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Orange
Markings (I need you to be rather specific, I don't want to goof up something so customizable and delicate): Fiery scales, so the effect of fire perhaps?? ???
Tail Type (Long and fuzzy, stubby and pointed, ETC): Long and whip like
Leg Type (Any animal's): Bird, maybe Eagle
Foreleg Type: (Any animal's): None, his wing are his hands/forelegs
Wing Type (Bat, bird, mech, ETC) Bat, with claws because they are his hands.
(Optional) Horn Type: I don't really mind, as long as they are menacing
Habitat: Lava in a volcano
(Optional) Mascot or Symbol (It can have a pet, or a symbol that represents it's name. Like, if it's name is 'Bluebell', I can have a symbol of blue bells next to it): None
(Optional) Accessories:None
(Optional) Other Notes: D'Or is a mythical creature that I will write a short story about. I have no idea what type he will be though. You can help!!!!  :D :D :D :D :D

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Peg8sus, sorry for the wait, but here is D'Or ^^

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