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Author Topic: CIS Cannot Access Her Non-Maker Pieces  (Read 1505 times)

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I am experiencing a rather sizable problem in the Magic Makers; Whenever I load a magic maker, the More Pieces tab will not load with it. It just sits there on "Loading Pieces" forever. Just for the record, I have refreshed the page several times, logged out and logged back in, and even restarted my computer to see if the problem would go away, and still when I load a maker, the pieces will not load with them.
I have no idea if there is a link in all of this with the fact that just before it occurred, I bought a few pieces from the market. They were angled shelf-like pieces from the Prospective Shapes category.

I do hope we can get this fixed sometime soon, as I do not think I can make much of a presentable image without extra pieces....
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I used to get that occasionally.  You said you tried refreshing...have you tried navigating to a different part of the website and then back to the maker?  That worked for me more often than refreshing did.

What browser are you using?  Don't know if it'll make a difference, but maybe try switching to see if it helps...

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Hi! Do you by chance have a lot of market pieces?
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I have noticed this a few times, sometimes the maker pieces are just really slow to load, other times you just have to refresh the page.

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I find I have this issue too. It's to do with it being a lot of data if you have a lot of pieces, plus slow internet on one end or the other, or even both ends. In my case, it's that my internet is really slow.

I suggest trying this:
1. Do not use the internet at ALL for one minute. This is important, as websites will often use lots of "sessions" at once to load, and this website uses an utter ton of them. These sessions can clog up your internet even when unused, and unused sessions take exactly one minute to be cleared out.

2. Navigate straight to the maker. I suggest bookmarking the maker and then closing all tabs besides the blank new tab pace before doing step 1. Then just click on the bookmark you made to go straight to the maker without going to any webpages first.

3. While the maker loads, DO NOT USE THE INTERNET AT ALL!

4. Give it ten minutes or so to load.

5. It should have loaded. If not, try reloading once, repeat step 4.

6. If it still hasn't loaded after reloading the maker once and given plenty of time... Then you probably can't load the makers until either you get a better internet connection, eA gets a better internet connection, both, and/or the amount of data in the more pieces area is made smaller.

It may also be worth trying at a different time of day, when EA maybe has a bit less traffic.

I've also sometimes found that playing with the default maker pieces can sometimes give it a kick to load the more pieces menu. This might be worth trying. Basically just start using the maker the moment you can. I'm gonna guess it makes the sessions used to load it less likely to get cut off before it can finish loading, and thus lets it load properly. But this is just a guess. All I know is it has seemed to work sometimes.

However sessions DO seem to be connected to the problem. My dad put a tight limit of 100 sessions at once on my PC, and while it was on I couldn't load the makers. And if I came to this website at all, because it uses a lot of sessions. my PC would hit the sessions limit and be unable to do anything for the minute it took the sessions to die. xD But now the sessions limit has been taken off I can load the makers okay again. So this may be more connected to sessions than the bandwidth it's self.
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I find that playing around with the maker pieces works too, it helps the maker load the drop-down pieces, or when that fails I click f5 to reload and it works first 'reload'.
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