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Author Topic: Market ate my emeralds! D:  (Read 1146 times)

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I keep purchasing items from the Modern Maker market, but when I hit purchase, it takes a long time for it to register the transactions. I got impatient and reloaded the page, clicking what I wanted and refreshed again until it said I purchased said items. It turns out that my impatience cost me, because the market thought I then placed that order 2 times, and took twice the amount of emeralds it was supposed to take out of my account. If you want to get technical, my order was supposed to cost 30 emeralds, but ended up taking 60 because of my "double order". I think it's happened before during other market trips. Emerald, can you help me please? I just need compensation.

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Emerald doesn't visit much, i'll email her for you
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