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Author Topic: how do you do that wing thing with the dragons?  (Read 3044 times)

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and i've been here for a year. ugh.WHY?

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could you be a little more specific with what "wing thing" you're talking about?
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Are you meaning what I did with the membrane under the feathers here?

If so, this is first outcast's tutorial on it, part of her simple solutions series.

I use that technique, altering (mainly with stencils) as needed for the image. :)
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Well duh i used that tutorial but used assets to avoid using too many stencils.... i made a quick tutorial for that here in the forum cuz people asked
Otherwise if you want to go detailed you have to use manymany stencils, the results are surely good but it's very time-wasting  :)

new people have died lol