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Author Topic: Future of Emerald Activities :)  (Read 93538 times)

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We will start this off with the bad news, but read to the end because there is good news too! :)

As of December 2020, Adobe and the various web browsers have stopped supporting "Flash"... the technology that Emerald Activities runs on. We left the site up as long as we could, but it since it can't function anymore most of the pages now just let you know to log in and save any images you would like to keep. We will leave the image download available for the next year, so until December 2021. After that, we will migrate to new web hosting and a new version of our website. The forums had to be taken down as well, since we heavily integrated flash throughout them. We left this one board up to allow you a way to contact us with problems and questions during this transition.

Things are not all bad news though! We are currently working to save at least the Magic Maker games by turning them into a much improved downloadable game on Steam (maybe other platforms later, but one thing at a time). The new version already has group selections, layers you can control, and gives me the ability to make more than one colour fill area per piece; great for things like rainbows and multicolor animals!

Once that games is finished, we will change our website to link to the steam page where you can download it. The base Makers will still be free for you to play, and it will probably have an Emerald Market/Shop that works in a similar way to how it does now. It will not have forums and online galleries, though you will be able to share with each other through the steam community pages for our game.

Once we are ready for Beta Testers and have some videos of the new Magic Maker, I will share them here and on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube. So catch us on whichever of those is best for you.

You have all been the best creators and artists we could have ever wanted on this site, and I have loved sharing this chapter of my life with you more than I can ever say :) You have made hundreds of thousands of images with us, inspiring and surprising us many many times.  I can't wait to start a new creative adventure with you, even if it won't be in quite the same form. Love you all!!!

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is there any backup anywhere of the forums? I needed a bit of info out of a topic I made in general but I forgot to grab it and I'm having a heard time finding it with wayback machine :/
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