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Author Topic: "The List" - Please Read Before Requesting, your idea might be here ;)  (Read 4769 times)

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There are so many requests at this point, that its hard to remember it all. I started this topic so that you guys can quickly see what others have asked for (and what my response was). You won't be able to add comments here, but you can start new threads with your requests and suggestions

[If you can't find a request in the list, try using CTRL+F. A bar will appear in your browser, and you can type in a word to search the page for. If your idea is f.e. a bug maker, type in 'bug' (or insect) and you'll see that word highlighted on the page if it's there. -Flower]

New (unsorted) Requests:
Request something and I will add it here ;)

Notify user of approved Dress Ups
Weather Backdrop Pack (snow, rain, etc...)
More Horse tack/equipment: hoof picks and brushes
Hybrid Maker (Human/Animal)
More friends for Emerald
More boards for the forum (specifically a 'forum games' board)

Magic Maker Requests:

Horse Maker unicorn/creature/horse/Pegasus/pegacorn - Done ;)
Dragon Maker - ok, the request was  for more pieces and colours, but it was easier to redo - Done ;)
Animal Maker - Big cats, lots of wolves, birds and an assortment of other animals - Done ;)
Fashion Maker - Create & Rate can have patterns and be coloured - Done ;)
New Avatar Save - Allow the saving of avatars from the new makers - Done ;)
Combine Makers - Assets let you make something in one maker and have it in another - Done ;)
Male Fashion Maker - Sized to be used as a partner to the Fashion doll - Done ;)
Dragon Maker (More Pieces) - Straight neck, more claws, more heads, etc... (see Dragon Maker II)- Done ;)

Elemental Castle Maker - Basically a castle maker II with an elemental theme - Designing/Planning
Fairy Maker II - male and female fairies, sparkles, mushrooms, and fun props - Designing/Planning
Waterfolk Maker II - Designing/Planning
Lady Maker II - Designing/Planning
Baby/Child Maker Planning

Space Colony Maker - Flying saucers, space ships, aliens, satellites, rovers, planets - Not Started
Robot Maker - Steampunk, Cyborg, and Futuristic type Robots with lots of parts - Not Started
Vehicle Maker - Moterhomes, airplanes/helicopters, tractors/farm equipment - Not Started
Magic Food/Candy - Large "magical" candy and desert pieces, for example: gingerbread - Not Started
Interior Design/Room Maker - Castle and Modern Rooms as well as Stores/Mall parts - Not Started
Bedroom maker - Beds, TVs, Computers, blankets/pillows, curtains, instruments, lamps - Not Started
Furniture Maker - Not Started
Fantasy Posies - Posable elves, animal people, heroes, with fantasy clothes & gear. - Not Started
Half Human/Half Animal - see fantasy posies
Elf Maker - see fantasy posies
Holiday maker II/ fashion maker II - posable male and female dolls with new clothes - Not Started
Castle Maker 3D - a new 3D style castle maker with gargoyles and such - Not Started
Gargoyle Maker - see castle maker 3D/Elemental
Village/City Maker - Create little buildings and populate your village with tiny people - Not Started
Map/World Maker - see colouring book "Map Stamp" Pack.
Plant/jungle maker - Leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, stems, trunks - Not Started
Halloween/Monster/Horror Maker - Monster maker II with werewolves, vampires, demons - Not Started
Werewolf maker - see Halloween/Monsters
Vampire maker - see Halloween/Monsters
Riders for Horse/Dragon - girls/boys riding, walking, and holding a lead rope - Not Started
Background Maker - Mix and Match pieces to make your own asset backgrounds - Not Started
Egypt maker - Pyramids, sphinx, mummies, hieroglyphics, gods, statues - Not Started
Ocean/Waterpark Maker - Slides, inner tubes, fish,marine animals, volcanoes, cities, shells - Not Started
Arctic maker - Snow, penguins, seals, orcas, ice glaciers, pine trees, dog sleds, gulls - Not Started
Dinosaur maker - With skin rather than bones - Not Started
Animal Skeleton maker - Not Started
Food/Kitchen Maker - Fresh veggies, meat, backing supplies, and random kitchen stuff - Not Started (There is however a fresh food pack in the market.)

Alien Maker Unknown*
Animated Maker Makers with animations (?) - Unknown*
Anime/Manga Maker Maker in anime/manga style Unknown*
Anime Wolf Wolf maker in anime style Unknown*
Anything magical - (?) - Unknown*
Cat Maker Different breeds of cats (with more paws, long fur, bottle brush tails, Persians, Egyptian Mau, tabby, etc.) - Unknown*
Circus Maker - Unknown*
Dancer Maker Unknown*
Dog Maker Different breeds of dogs (Finnish spitz, Icelandic sheepdog, Husky, Malamute, Samoyed, Papillon dog, Rottweiler, American Pittbull, Stafffordshire Terrier, Doberman, English Bulldog, fox hounds, Beagles, Australian Shepherds, Collies, Bernese Mountain dog, Blood Hound, Great Fane, Tibetan Mastiff) - Unknown*
Extinct animal Maker Prehistoric mammals Unknown*
Fairy Maker II Unknown*
Farm Maker Unknown*
Furry Maker Unknown*
Hero/Villain Maker Unknown*
Insect/Bug Maker Unknown*
Jewelry/Clothes Maker Unknown*
Myth Maker II Unknown*
Pattern Maker Maker to make your own patterns and use them in other makers Unknown*
Pet Maker Animal maker with pet accessories Unknown*
Tribal MakerUnknown*
Wishing card Maker/colouring book Unknown*

Magic Makers Add Ons:

Animal Maker (Australian) - Kangaroos, Kookaburras, Platypi, Koalas and bilbys - Not Started
Animal Maker (Domestic) - Cats and dogs (hissing, clawing, laying) kittens & puppies - Not Started
Animal Maker (Birds) - (swan, pigeons, ducks, hens, owls) - Not Started
Animal Maker (Forest) Deer, bear, raccoon, rats, squirrel, bunny - Not Started
Animal Maker (Others) Giraffe, platypus, frog, monkeys, cows, guinea pigs - Not Started
Horse Maker (More Pieces) - Foals and "laying" pieces,"running" legs, and other body types - Not Started
Horse Maker (Grooming) - Combs, hoof oil & scraper, shampoo, towels, trailer, saddle block - Not Started

Male Fashion Maker Top hats, suspenders Unknown*


Cave - Stalactites-or stalagmites, Boulders, caverns, cave fungus/mushrooms - Done (as a pack)
Winter - Snowy mountain, snowy area, Snow pile, Snowflakes, Glaciers - Done (as a pack)
Beach- Sunset Ocean, Blue Sky Ocean, Beach, Island, Water - Done (as a pack)
Horse - Stable, Riding Arena - Not Started
Indoor - 2 City Views, 4 Rooms - Not Started
Desert - Sand dunes, Oasis, cactus, scrub/sage bushes - Not Started
Ocean - Coral, Seaweed, Underwater - Not Started
Forest - Undergrowth, Pine Trees, Small River - Not Started
Skies - Night sky with moon and stars and other skies - Not Started

Neigbourhood background Unknown*
Amusement park Unknown*

In-maker backgrounds:
City scene Modern or ancient (midground/background) Unknown*
Grass Field with flowers, or hill overlooking the ocean (forground, midground) Unknown*
Old settlement midground Unknown*
Campsite With bonfires/tents (midground) Unknown*

Piece Packs:

Horse - tack including dressage/Jumping saddle, reins and lead ropes, polo wraps - Done ;)
Stencils - Small shapes and markings - Done ;)
Perspective - Shapes to use as furniture and such, as multipurpose as possible - Done ;)
Birthday Pack - Balloons, cake, party hats, streamers, presents Done
Food Pack Fresh veggies, fruits, etc. - Done ;)

Artist Set - Brushes, paints, canvas, easels - Not Started
Baby Animals - Various cute baby animals - Not Started
Eyes - Eyes and other interesting features - Not Started
Hair Design - ponytails and locks of hair to create different styles. - Not Started
Letters - Various fonts for Fancy, Hiphop, or Bling Bling - Not Started
Monster Extras - Monster/slime/eye-stalk/goop/tentacle - Not Started
More Plants - Palm, oak, & pine trees, grass, foliage, flowers, leaf carpet - Not Started
Ninja - Wrist ribbons, scarves, outfits, weapons, ect... - Not Started
Outdoor Props - Bones and debris, Rock formations, waves, boulders - Not Started
Pirate - Props for characters and the ship - Not Started
Prey Animals - Small birds, vole, mice, rabbits, rats - Not Started
Wagons and Chariots - wagons, chariots, coaches, sleighs - Not Started
Warrior pieces - Weapons, gear, banner - Not Started

Animal pieces Extra animal pieces, like antlers, shark fins, rooster combs, etc. - Unknown*
Animal pet accessories Pack with pet stuff and animal armour Unknown*
Anime Pack with stuff in anime style Unknown*
Baby stuff Unknown*
Bathroom Conditioner, hairspray, make up, shampoo, etc.  - Unknown*
Beach Surfboards, palm trees, coconuts, sharks, etc. - Unknown*
Car With stuff to make/fix cars Unknown*
Carnival Unknown*
Cowboy/Native American Tomahawks, tipies, feathers, buckskin, drums, tools, cowboy hat, cowboy boots Unknown*
(Fantasy) Weapons Swords, axes, maces, etc.  - Unknown*
First Aid/Hospital Stuff for treating wounds, bandages, etc. - Unknown*
Hat pack Fezzes, top hats,  uncommon/silly hats, etc. - Unknown*
House/Furniture Unknown*
Insect/bug Spiders, dragonflies, bees, butterflies, etc. - Unknown*
Kitchen Spoons, forks, knives, plates, pans, etc. - Unknown*
Modern Maker Masks Like in the classic maker novelty pack Unknown*
Nightclub/Rave Dancefloor, DJ, lights, headphones, glowsticks, discoball, etc. - Unknown*
Police stuff Stuff to make policemen and -women Unknown*
School Books, pens, crayons, coloured pencils, paper, scissors, rulers, etc. - Unknown*
Technology Cellphones, keyboards, computers, laptops, etc. - Unknown*
Toys for children Unknown*
Travelling Suitcases, backpacks, passports, leaflets, etc. - Unknown*
Hawaii Unknown*
Tye/Asian   Bamboo, pandas, rice, silk, cone hats, etc. - Unknown*
Work/bags Unknown*

Packs add-on:
Hair Pack Flowing hair and 'scene' hair - Unknown*
Horse Pack Jumping hurdles, towels, blankets and grooming stuff Unkown*
Ocean Pack Sharks, dolphins - Unknown*

Pattern Packs:

Scales - Including tiny-tiny scales and more dragon scales - Not Started
Elemental - Water, Ice, Fire, etc.... - Not Started

Celtic/Medieval/Renaissance Unknown*
Wood patterns Unknown*
Tortoise shell Unknown*

Colouring Book Requests:

K9 Colouring - Coyote/Wolf/Fox Done ;)
Bird Colouring - Birds (Ravens, Peacocks, Phoenix, etc...) - Designing/Planning
Feline Colouring - Lions, Tigers, etc... - Designing/Planning

Horse Colouring - Horses and fantasy horses - Not Started
Undersea Colouring - Reefs and undersea creatures - Not Started
Half-Human Colouring - werewolves, centaurs, mothman, Medusa, mermaid, elves - Not Started
Small Animals - Rabbits, Hamsters, Mice - Not Started
Freehand with Borders - Fancy outlines and page shapes for maps and messages - Not Started
Historical Fashion - Male & female with clothes to colour and embellish/decorate - Not Started
Character creation - Design a character and list its stats for rpgs, "doll base" style - Not Started

Emerald & Friends Unknown*
Faces Faces to draw make up, hair and clothes on - Unknown*

Colouring Page Packs:

Dragon Pack - Just body outlines draw or stamp markings in - Not Started
Fursona Style Pack - For the rpg character creator - Not Started

Colouring Stamp Packs:

Map Stamp Set - Trees, Mountains, etc... - Not Started
Dragon Marking Stamp Set - Dragons eyes and markings - Not Started
Fashion Stamp Set - Trims, bows, buttons, etc... - Not Started
Character Stamps - Faces and markings - Not Started
Alphabet stamps - For filling out character cards - Not Started

Dragon Memory Game - Card matching game for games section - Not Started
Candy Checkers - Checkers game with a candy theme - Not Started

Cross Words Unknown*
Mad libs Unknown*
Word searches Unknown*

Other Requests:

Adoptables/Pets - A system to create and trade pets - Drawing/Coding

Magic Story Maker - Will use Assets, as well as character/monster set - Not Started
Magic Game Maker - Create your own games (side scroller style) - Not Started
Personal Makers - Create your own maker out of assets - Not Started
Personal Colouring Books - Draw your own colouring book - Not Started
Virtual World - A virtual world with houses, mini games, etc... - Not Started

Scaling down patterns Unknown*
Make avatars from accepted images Unknown*
Pen tool in the magic maker Unknown*
No more fuzzy edges in the makers Unknown*
More colours for the makers Like a rainbow pallete Unknown*
Sending market items as gifts Unknown*
Roc fantasy colouring page Unknown*

Flash Tutorials - Tutorials on making and coding things in flash - Won't be made
Movie Maker - create short animations/movies - Probably won't be made
Drawing Manual - "how to draw" tutorial type thing - Probably won't be made
Colour Book Avatars - the ability to save avatars out of the colouring book - Won't be made
Makers Based on Copyrighted Characters - For example: Avatar, Disney princesses, etc... - Won't be made

As you can see, there are lots of requests and we appreciate them, though you may need to wait a bit and we probably can't do all of them. The feed back is great though, and we like knowing that someone actually wants to use what we are making :) If I have written that we "won't" make something, it is because of legal reasons, it won't fit into our site, or it is something that Boo and I don't feel comfy doing. We aren't really the tutorial types ;)

Have fun and keep your suggestions coming!

*Unknown requests are sorted by a moderator, therefor Emerald has not yet said if they might be made or not, or in what shape.
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I have considered the list, and the number of times I have received each request. I also do this for fun, so I give a bit more weight to things I like to draw ;)

Taking those things into consideration, these are the things I have planned for the next year or so. I will still take requests, and I may move things around, but I thought I would let you know that this is sort of my current plan for the next while.

Modern Makers in Progress:
Waterfolk, Mutato (these are characters from a game we are doing), Space Alien, Castle, Fairy.

Modern Makers Planned/Sketched:

Lord & Lady, Fursona, Hero, Mythical Creatures, Steampunk Robot, Child.

Packs in Progress:
Wedding, Pirate, Food, School, Mardi Gras.

Colouring Books Planned:
Historical Fashion, Feline Colouring, Undersea Colouring, Alien Colouring, Horse Colouring.

Other plans:
There are still lots of packs planned, a lot of requests will end up as additions to various packs.

I also plan continue updating, improving, and adding to some of the older content. (Like the horse, dragon, & holiday maker, as well as the plant packs.) There are also new hoard treasures coming as well ;)

There is also a site overhaul coming (slowly) that will include the release of the monthly accounts, the new hoard & profile layout, improvements to navigation & market, etc...

(Aug 21, 2011)

"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." -Jules de Gaultier

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I have updated this topic (30th of June, 2013). I have sorted the requests by category and removed double ones.
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