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Author Topic: Other Site Policies and FAQs  (Read 142946 times)

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Other Site Policies and FAQs

What if someone is being mean/inappropriate?

If you feel as if you are being singled out by someone and/or someone is being mean to you, please try the following:
-Report the posts where the problem occured to a moderator
-Privately e-mail a Booradley or Emerald with your concerns

Do not:
-Start a fight
-Retailiate with "crying", "yelling", "namecalling"
-Threaten the forum with leaving
-Talk about how awful the other person is
-Talk about how no one understands you

What if you stop posting to that person but they read it and post to you to make you mad or get you in trouble?

-The best thing to do is to report the newest of the offending posts, with an explanation of the situation. There are so many posts on here we don't always see stuff right away. Then just ignore that thread until one of us has gotten on and spoken to the person in question. I know its hard not to get angry, but it is never constructive to just says something back when you are angry. With every new post that is added, things escalate further out of control.

What if someone copies me?

-If you don't want anyone to mimic your work, you really can't put it online. Its one of the things about the internet, everything is shared, traded, copied, and built upon until it is something altogether new. I am constantly finding my work in weird places, grabbed by people who didn't even sign the old guest book, lol. It does no good to get upset about it. Letting people share your images and become inspired by you will get you more friends and your work seen by more people in the long run.

Thats why we embrace the "copying is the sincerest form of flattery" policy. That way someone can look and your image and make something fabulous inspired by it, and then you can look at mine and do the same. If someone is putting up exactly your images please bring it to my attention, but otherwise just thank then for admiring your work.

Also keep in mind that not everyone has tons of good ideas. Some people need a little help to get their creativity going...

What if someone takes over my roleplay topic?

-It is only fair that everyone gets their chance to guide their own topic. Some people are completely unafraid to jump in and put their own twist on things, that can be a good thing... but it can also be hard if you are trying to guide a story or idea a certain way. Your best reponse is to try and explain your own position clearly and calmly. If you can't work things out, then message a moderator to help out.

If you don't like the idea that the creator of the role play topic has, then please split off and start your own topic with your take on the idea rather than ignoring their wishes. The threads might be similar at first, but over time I am sure it will become its own unique story.

I want to help, what can I do?

-Say hello and welcome to every new person you see.
-If there is a disagreement don't take a side, offer potential solutions instead.
-If you see a post that you think is a problem that you can't solve, report it to us.
-If someone is having a bad day, let them know that you care.
-Try your best to be positive about things that you read, don't always just look for the negative.
-Offer compromises.
-If you see a misunderstanding starting, then fix it.
-If someone says that your don't understand, have a conversation and find out why things are bothering them.
-Don't take offense to things others say
-If you see a problem starting, then please report the post!

If you are 18 or over, and interested in helping out by becoming a volunteer moderator on the forum, then please contact Emerald (Heather Harvey) at We would love to hear from you ;)
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