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Author Topic: Tips to Draw & Colour with a "Mouse"  (Read 6046 times)

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I have a kindle but it's hard to draw on without a stylus. I don't have a stylus... wah! Anyway, great drawing Em.

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I do all my digital art with a mouse... I'm so used to it that I end up perplexed by why most people have such a problem with it and think it's so much more impressive than art done with a tablet hahaha! I did have a tablet but it was old and the drivers for it hated my PC and kept uninstalling themselves. xD (And now I have a 64bit system on my new PC we can't find drivers for it at all lmao) So I use my mouse all the time for digital stuff... I do prefer to use pencils on paper but some pictures just suit being done on a computer!
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very,very good idea,Em! i like this! yes,yes! ;D!