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Hi guys,

I am no longer able to keep up with reading each and every post, so I have missed a few of your messages. I will still always check the request and bug thread, but our new moderators will be helping to keep an eye one the rest of the forum.

Since I will be a little harder to contact, I wanted you guys to have somewhere to ask questions or say hi... this is it :)
Please try not to chat at each other in this thread, unless you are helping to answer a question. (It makes it hard to figure out which replies are aimed at me and which are ment for someone else.)

Keep up all your awesome building, and I will chat at you again soon!

Emerald Activities Forum Rules:

-No sharing of personal information (ages, real names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, etc...)
-All posts must be child-friendly (no sexual discussion or imagery and no extreme violence).
-No spam (that goes for advertising unrelated products/services, or posting things over and over like "come to roleplay" etc...).
-Please refrain from posting gibberish or constructing quote pyramids.
-Also, please limit your use of little signature pets and such (keep it to one or two reasonably sized pets).
-No rudeness, nonconstructive critisizm, mean spirited, hurtful, or insulting posts.
-As long as people are being polite and staying on topic, anyone can post in any unlocked thread.
-No discrimination based on membership, beliefs, race, age, or any other reason!
-No political or religious debates
-Please do not make mutiple accounts (or delete your account to make a new one).
-Post only in the correct boards. (Keep your cat/dragon selves in roleplay, your pets in pets, and your stories in storytelling.)
-No typing all in caps (yelling).
-No swearing, or creative swearing (like changing letters for numbers).
-No name calling. It doesn't matter if the name is made up or not.
-No mean faces (if used in a way that is mean).
-No posts with words like hate, kill, suicide, murder, when referring to real life.
-No taking sides against each other.
-No fighting/bickering/bullying.
-Only Emerald Activities moderators may enforce these rules.

Posting in our forum is not a "Right". The Forum and our site are privileges, and if you abuse them we will take appropriate action.This forum is moderated and the moderators may take any or all of the following measures with any unsuitable content, as they see fit.
-Deleting/Removing Posts
-Editing/Modifying Posts
-Locking Topics
-Removing Topics
-Banning users
-E-mailing warnings to users
-Posting warnings to users
-Deleting accounts and/or images

There are no excuses for inapproriate behaviour. (Having a bad day, or a crazy home, too much sugar, a death in the family, a bad day at school, etc...) If you are have having a bad day, then try to have some friendly conversation to make yourself feel better. Its always a good idea to seek out help from the adults in your life (parents, teachers, family friends) when you are feeling stressed or having troubles. They can't always help (and I know you won't always want them to help), but if they know whats going on they might be able to be a bit more supportive when you need it most.
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