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News: Need emeralds? This page has some suggestions on how you can earn them.

Author Topic: How do I get emeralds?  (Read 2974 times)

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Right now, you can get emeralds by:

-spending time voting for a contest
-playing in the magic makers (even if you don't keep the image)
-colouring in the colouring books
-submitting an image to the gallery (it must be approved)
-entering a contest or challenge (well, the ones put on by me)
-winning a contest or challenge
-voting in contests
-playing dino hangman
-playing patchword (sorry it takes so long to load...)
-a few treasures award emeralds when you unlock them
-Some challenges/contests on deviant or facebook
-rating images & viewing the gallery
-building dress up games
-or you can buy them in the market

(Most of these activities don't award the emeralds until the end of the day!!! They will be put together and called "Daily Activity Emeralds" And you don't get them for contests or challenges until they end and prizes are awarded.)

Our aim is to eventually have every activity on our site award emeralds.
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