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Author Topic: Why do I need to use Menu/Dropdown Chat?  (Read 2685 times)

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Why do I need to use Menu/Dropdown Chat?

Users under 13 are not allowed to post to forums without their parents permission. (We don't allow guests to post either, since we don't know how old they are.)  We didn't make up that rule, there is a law called COPPA that protects kids online, and it tells us how we have to run the site.

We basically made the Dropdown/Menu system to allow young users to post images in "Show off your Creations" and compliment other users work work ;)

How do I type normally in the forum?

Registered users over 13, and registered users under the age of 13 but with parental permission can type normally in the forum. There is a permission form on the website at:

(Have your mom or dad fill it out, make sure your Emerald Activities member name is on it, and then fax or mail it back to us. Most people find that mail is easiest since there can be problems faxing from other countries... If your parents have any trouble then please ask them to contact us.)

How can I make a request or ask a question?

You are always welcome to e-mail us or to use the "Contact" form at the very bottom of the webpage. Many users also ask questions and give me requests through their image descriptions, I modertate almost all of the images so I just give my reply back in the image description ;)
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