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Author Topic: Sending Emeralds?  (Read 738 times)

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For like, commisions and stuff like that?
I think i'd be to start drawing stuff in real life and putting up a "Art shop" topic in the show off your creations forum and ask for an x amount of emeralds for a commisioned pic.

That'd be really awesome, but I do understand that you and Boo have alot on the request list, so it's alright if you don't do it.

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We have talked about things like that, but what will probably allow is the gifting of items not emeralds. We would love to allow users to exchange emeralds, but it is harder to balance prices and such in a system like that. Basically it would be too hard to do with just the two of us running it.

I'm not sure when the gifting will start, but we do plan to do it ;)

(So you could maybe ask for specific pieces from people when that comes out.)
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