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Author Topic: Pirate Contest (Winners Announced!!!)  (Read 4365 times)

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I haven't noticed them either... Though you must have noticed, Angel, that there are many pictures that are inspired on 'pirates of the carribean'. So if there is a Kraken picture, it doesn't have to be inspired on you. And the caninetheme is also very popular, so it's no wonder that there are pictures that look like Sekoiya's.

Please Angel, try to see images that you think are inspired on yours as a compliment. Ofcourse it is annoying if people don't link back, but it is also possible that they don't even know that they were inspired by you!
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Eh..sorry.It's just....I really wish that the person who made them would link back.I do kind of appreciate it,but I would like it if they would give credit...

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wow there are a lot of entries, how many times do i gotta vote? lol

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lol, as many as you have time to I suppose, though I am taking announcing the winner in the next little bit so you are probably out of time ;)
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